360 Vodka Releases 'Glazed Donut' Flavor For National Donut Day

National Donut Day today is a day to indulge, and 360 Vodka knows just how to do that — with booze. The eco-friendly vodka brand released the first-ever "Glazed Donut" vodka flavor just in time for the sweet-filled holiday. 

360 Vodka is known for its 12 original flavors, including its Double Chocolate flavor. So it's no surprise that the brand has gone for the sweet. "Confectionery flavors are one of the hottest trends in mixology and we're thrilled to introduce this innovative and quintessentially American flavor to our collection of eco-friendly flavored vodkas," Vic Morrison, VP of marketing for 360 Vodka, said.

The best part for those looking to not splurge: it has a fraction of the calories that a regular glazed donut would have. One 1-ounce shot of the flavored vodka has about 80 calories, compared to the 250 calories the average glazed donut contains.

The brand has also added new recipes commemorating the new release, including the Apple Fritter Martini and Chocolate Glazed cocktail. Check back at The Daily Meal for an exclusive recipe, the Boston Glazed Donut. Skip the morning donut and try this one out tonight.