36 Hours at Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino

Our contributor reviews a couple of the casino’s dining options
Mohegan Sun
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Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino is has several restaurants on its property.

No matter how one decides to check their moral restraint at the Las Vegas city gates, Vegas will meet their chosen excess with an appropriate dining experience — be it a $5 buffet to help power them through another six hours of betting or a very expensive and very illegal bowl of shark fin soup. Similarly, eating at the tribal-run Mohegan Sun Casino Resort in Uncasville, Conn., is well matched with the ethos of the institution. But if the slogan for the City of Las Vegas is "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," then the slogan for the Mohegan Sun might as well be "Once you enter Mohegan Sun, you stay in Mohegan Sun."

In Vegas, food can both be fuel for and a part of the list of gambling and bad decisions that happen and presumably stay in within the city limits, whereas it seems food at Mohegan Sun — be it a Dunkin Donut or an expensive meal at one of the four high-end franchise restaurants — is there to ensure that the casino's well-to-do suburban habitués remain comfortable enough to keep rolling the dice.

Upon handing my car keys to the valet outside of the casino, I did not feel as though I was being stripped of my moral restraint. Rather, I was directly told by the valet that once I entered the complex my life would be worry-free and I would not have to leave. The valet said that everything I needed would be within the walls of the hotel and that I would not have any problems remaining gastronomically satisfied.

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Remaining satisfied is of course the goal of such a casino. Without windows and with what seems to be the most perfectly fine-tuned filtered air climate system, one's sense of time would cease to exist were it not for the rumblings of the stomach, reminding its host that it has been hours since he or she has eaten (or from the casino's perspective, hours since one put their credit card into the Dean Martin's Wild Party slot machine). Good (if a bit neutral), comforting food makes itself available to make sure that does not happen.