3 Wines That Give Back To Charity

We live in an odd world, one where many of us routinely slurp down wines costing $10, $20, or more per bottle, while others struggle with the basic necessities of life. I'm not trying to guilt anyone into giving up wine here, but I do want to take advantage of my platform to let you all know that there is a way to help the needy while enjoying that glass of wine with dinner. They're (unofficially) called charity wines, because of course they give to charity, and they are becoming a larger and more important segment of the wine industry every year. (Not to be confused with Charity Wines, the organization that slaps an athlete or celebrity's face onto a wine label).

You might question the efficacy of such a program — I mean how can the few cents from each bottle of wine you purchase really help someone less fortunate than you? Well, they really can't, our power is not to help individually, but collectively. It's a strange intersection of individual responsibility and collective power, and we should be standing right in the middle of it.

Collectively the monies raised can be formidable, and in the case of an event where wine is served, the outreach for these wines can be huge. Serve a charity wine at your next function and you'll not only be contributing financially to their goals, but the wines each have a compelling story which you will be able to share and spread. That's how we can all make this work, support, support, support. Don't know where to start? Here are a few charity wines you can buy today! They make great gifts, too!

Click here to find the three wines that give back to charity.

— Gregory Del Piaz, Snooth