3 Simple Summer Camping Hacks

If you have ever been camping, you know how hard it can be to remember everything you end up needing by night's end. Being a constantly connected people, we sometimes don't even think about how we are going to pop that popcorn without a microwave to plug in. And while the point of the great outdoors is to get away from all of that modern technology, having a few modern tricks up your sleeve won't hurt.

We found some extremely useful life hacks you are going to love if you are ever out in the wide world and find yourself without certain essentials.

Make a Light

Need some better lighting? Use an empty soda can, cut it, clean it, and stick a tea light in it for a reflective DIY lamp.
Make Light on Make A Gif


Keep Bugs Away

Use household herbs and your fire pit to help keep bugs away from your campsite.

bug off


Make Popcorn

Who knew that your beer can could help you air-pop perfect popcorn?