3 Recipes for Slender Sipping

Don’t worry about counting your calories at your summer party

You won't pack on the pounds with these tasty drinks.

Sangria is a perfect summertime cocktail - not only is it refreshing, delicious and oh-so-sip-able, it can also help you stretch that bottle of wine to serve twice as many guests. Traditional sangria recipes can, however, be full of sugar and sweet liqueur, which can make for a glass full of calories—not something we want during the bikini-baring months of summer.

We knew there had to be a better way. So, after extensive recipe testing and refinement in the Drync offices, we developed 3 delicious low-calorie sangria recipes. SOMEONE had to do it!

Rules for Creating Your Own Low-Calorie Sangria Recipes

The key to making low-calorie sangria, is to keep alcohol and sugar content to a minimum. Stay away from big, rich wines and avoid using sugary fruits, like peaches and pineapples.

Another tip is to use lots of ice – not only will it keep your sangria refreshingly cold, it will water it down ever so slightly, reducing the number of calories per sip. Check out the Drync Low Cal Wine List  for low-calorie wine recommendations of red, white and rosé.

And now, for three quick and easy low-calorie sangria recipes:

‘Light and Lovely’ Red Sangria
Want your sangria to be a rich red but a light sip? Using ingredients like orange juice and agave nectar will lighten the caloric load.

‘Whittle Me Down’ White Sangria
Refreshing and perfect for any summer barbecue, white sangria will be a delicious addition to your summer table and will allow you to still fit into your bikini.

‘Everything’s Coming Up’ Rosé Sangria

A rosé is the perfect summer sip. Combine that with a light lemonade and fresh fruit and suddenly you’ll have a crafty, delicious drink that won’t cost you too many calories.

So there you have it—a guilt-free way to have your cake and eat it too, or should we say “have your wine and drink it too?”


by Aimee Cronin of Drync