3 New Spring Recipes to Get You Through to Summer

Spring is often spent waiting in anticipation of summer, and these 3 recipes will help get you through

These three new recipes from the Culinary Content Network will help you get through spring.

Just because it’s technically spring doesn’t necessarily mean the sun is shining and the weather is warm. Spring can bring all types of weather, from sunny but cold one day to rainy and windy the next, and trying to tolerate the sporadic weather patterns is all we can do while we wait for summer.

We know that feeling, and apparently so do the members of our Culinary Content Network, because they recently whipped up a batch of spring-driven recipes that will help sooth our pre-summer chills.

Take these baked chicken taquitos from Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts, which use lots of fresh ingredients like tomatoes and cilantro, but are also crispy and fried to keep us warm.

Click here to see the Baked Chicken Taquitos Recipe

Or consider this shaved asparagus pizza recipe from Crumb, celebrating one of spring’s most prized possessions with a soft and doughy crust and gooey, melted cheese.

Click here to see the Shaved Asparagus Pizza Recipe

Lastly, this cheesy baked spaghetti squash from Evil Shenanigans is the perfect way to serve some vegetables while making them indulgent and enjoyable, too.

Click here to see the Cheesy Baked Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Summer is almost here, so to help you get through the last few (and let’s face it, difficult) weeks of spring, try these three new recipes from our Culinary Content Network. 

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