3 Hotels Offering The Chance To Go Up, Up And Away On A 225-Horsepower Jet Pack

Adventure-seekers who have seen the episode of the hit HBO series East Bound and Down where Kenny Powers propels above the water wearing what looks like a backpack have wondered, "What is that thing and where can I do that?" Well the thing on Powers' back is a jet pack, the latest craze in watersports. The commonly-used JetLev pack boasts a 225-horsepower engine, creating 600-800 gallons per minute of thrust, propelling the brave user up to 30 feet above water.

The scene featuring Powers was filmed at Myrtle Beach Jet Pack adventures, but this new watersport is a trend popping up all over, and we've rounded up three hotels that offer guests the chance to experience the adrenaline-pumping activity.