3 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Health During the Holidays


Stay in tip-top shape during the festive season!

Between running through the airport and making sure your trans-continental gift packages arrive on time, your overall health and well-being shouldn't be compromised. Here, we put together our top tips for maintaining your health and staying active over the next several weeks.

Plan Ahead Before Travelling

For many people, the chain reaction of unhealthy eating begins as you step out of the office for your holiday break. And as hard as it is to maintain a healthy diet during the holidays, it's even harder to get back on track once you've let yourself go. So practice healthy habits from the get-go and make sure to plan ahead before you even start travelling; pack hunger-curbing snacks like whole grain bagels, apples, tangerines and grapes to bring with you to the airport and on your road trip. 

If amidst all the chaos you forget to pack snacks beforehand, that shouldn't be an excuse to make a beeline for the grease-saturated chains at the airport. Opt instead for the plenty of healthy choices on the way to the gate like granola bars, yogurt, salads, and nuts. If you're spending time on the road to get to your holiday destination, avoid drive-throughs when hunger calls and instead head to grocery stores. There are plenty of healthy, pre-made options at local markets, from salads to sandwiches to sushi. You'll feel much more satisfied eating a healthy meal packed with fiber and protein than you would by scarfing down a greasy burger and fries.

Eat Before the Party

Once you've reached your destination, make it a point to eat up before you head out to holiday parties. Making sure you eat a healthy, filling meal before you go out to celebrate will help deter you from making a meal of the cookies, cheese balls, and abundance of cocktails. Making sure you up your fiber intake to 25-38 grams per day (most of us do not meet the daily recommended amount) will help keep you full and satisfied and will help your digestive tract during the eat-and-drinkathon that is the holidays. 

Never show up to a party hungry: instead of grazing on the decadent hors d'oeuvres and desserts all night long, put just a few on a plate to enjoy while chatting with family members. Additionally, setting a curfew for yourself will help prevent consuming more junk food and high calorie drinks into the wee hours of the morning, and will also help give your digestive tract a break before brunch the next day.

Maintain a Consistent Exercise Routine

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Sticking with a regular workout routine will make it easier to keep up your healthy habits instead of spending your vacation in your pajamas. Exercising early in the morning is a great way to kick-start your day, it gives you the rest of your day to spend with family and friends and helps you feel less guilty about all the holiday treats you're likely to consume. Recruiting a workout buddy also makes it easier to stay on track by having a workout buddy who will hold you accountable, you're more likely to show up instead of pressing snooze on your alarm clock. Other ways to stay in shape include playing with the kids in the back yard or having a dance party in the living room. Make it a family affair, and make it fun!