3 Easy Last Minute Father's Day Menus

Give Dad a delicious day he’ll always remember
3 Menus for Dad

Your dad will love these tasty meals!

It is no secret: fathers love food. Whether they are telling lame jokes about it or are sneaking a cookie from the cookie jar, a father expresses his feelings through food. So, how to show Dad that you truly care about him? Cook him a day’s worth of delicious meals.

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Orchestrating an entire menu for your dad doesn’t have to be a challenge. All it takes is a little planning and, of course, some delicious recipes. Good thing we can help you out with both. Before Father’s Day weekend starts, head out to the store and pick up the essentials that you’ll need for this patriarchal feast.

For Dad, breakfast should be fun, hearty, and totally informal. After all, Dad is just a fun-loving guy, right? He totally gets excited over the little things and the fact that you’re feeding him will send him over the moon. Our breakfast burrito recipe will do just that!

After such a filling breakfast, you need something light but flavorful to keep your dad’s stomach happy on his special day. Our lunch menu will accomplish just that with a savory porchetta recipe. There is even a special treat that will make him smile.

For dad, dinner is what it is all about on Father’s Day. And what else should you make him but a feast right off of the grill? Our grilled steak recipe is the perfect way to give Dad the delicious Father’s Day he so deserves!

So get ready for a day of delicious meals that your dad and the whole family will enjoy by going through our top-to-bottom menus. He’ll be so glad that you did.

Breakfast Main: Burritos

Smothered in cheese and layered with fluffy eggs, the breakfast burrito is the perfect way to customize a meal for dad. Whether he likes it spicy, mild, or simple, a burrito can be a hearty start to a hungry man’s day.

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Breakfast Side: Cheesy Hash Browns

Treat dad to a totally decadent breakfast with these hearty hash browns. You can load them up with dad’s favorite toppings or just serve them simple to feed the crowd at the table.

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This article was originally published on June 13, 2016.