3 Drinks We Love From the Culinary Content Network

Lemonade, sangria, and even a grilled cocktail to kick off your week

Drink inspiration from our Culinary Content Network members.

We're always on the prowl for new and exciting drink recipes, and our Culinary Content Network is full of new ideas. Check out these three updates to the drinks you already love to make: lemonade, sangria, and vodka-based cocktails. (We're always down to fire up the grill for our cocktails!)

Sangria Compostela


Imagine a sangria made with albarinño wine, sake, and — get this — herbs. The Devil's Food Advocate combines lemongrass, rosemary, and sage into a surprisingly sweet and savory sangria. This is one sangria recipe your friends will be asking for. 

Sugar-Free Strawberry Meyer Lemonade

Love lemonade but don't love the heaping piles of sugar that come with it? The Weekend Gourmet's recipe doesn't skimp on the flavor to turn down the sweet. 

Smoky Greyhound Cocktail


Grilled fruits are all the rage, and Grill Grrrl takes them to a new level in a smoky grilled cocktail. Made with grilled grapefruit, vodka, honey, and ginger, the Smoky Greyhound has the best of savory, spicy, and sweet flavors mixed into one cocktail.