3 Cocktail Parties For Spring

When Old Man Winter waves us farewell, we happily welcome its warmer, more promising counterpart, spring. Spring is full of new beginnings and new reasons to celebrate. And what better way to begin anew than with a few fresh entertainment ideas? This season, don a fresh spring outfit and sip on a few refreshing cocktails to help usher in a beautiful new time of the year!

Spring Time Fiesta

With the sun finally warming us up, it is time to celebrate in a vibrant way! Make a delicious guacamole dish and spruce up the table with bright colors. Make a DIY taco bar or simply hang a piñata out back and watch your friends flail around trying to get some sweet candy!

This delicious Mango Habeneroa Margarita is perfect for this party!

Spring Fling
We may not want to turn the clock back entirely, but admit it, it would have been fun to go to a high school dance with all of the friends you have now. Plus, the ability to legally imbibe might have helped too. Host an adult backyard spring fling as a fresh way to celebrate the season. With papier mâché and punch bowls, your backyard will look like your high school gym in no time. Encourage friends to arrive in vintage cocktail/dance dresses for a few extra laughs!

This delicious Spring Fling Cocktail is perfect for this party!

Spring Garden Party
Take inspiration from the world around you and host a garden party where guests show up in their Sunday best and lounge in the backyard. Make your menu original by featuring things from your very own garden and herb infused cocktails. Terracotta pots make for decor and food presentation! 

This delicious Raspberries & Rye Cocktail is perfect for this party!