3 Babies Who Redefine Messy Eating

These little ones don’t mind a little mess when they eat

We totally understand how this baby feels about cake.

Ah to be young. Wasn’t it a great time when we were kids and could get away with almost anything? We could drink sugary drinks and play all day and no one ever bothered us. One of the best things about being a kid was eating, because we never had to worry about getting a little bit messy.

Babies are some of the messiest eaters around. They like to go all out when it comes to food, and they definitely don’t mind getting down and dirty. Thankfully, it works for them. Honestly, what’s cuter than a baby enjoying some good cooking? But these three babies take messy eating to a new level of cuteness.

The Fashionista

This little guy is way ahead of the pack as far as fashion goes. He thinks outside the box and doesn’t like to waste. That bowl hat is pretty cute even if it was once filled with spaghetti.

First Birthday Cake

Cake is always exciting. This baby is so happy about her first ever birthday cake, and it’s adorable. She gets her whole body, feet and face included, into that cake. That frosting covered face is the face of true joy.

Leave Me Alone, I’m Eating

This kid is really enjoying his meal. He doesn’t want to be bothered. Just like the rest of us, he likes to eat in peace, and he’s not afraid to show it. He definitely doesn’t care that he has food all over his face.

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