25-Year-Old Loses Teeth Thanks To Too Much Soda

All it takes is three years of drinking six to eight liters of soda a day to get rid of your teeth. At least, that's what happened to a 25-year-old Australian, who had to have all his teeth removed and get dentures.

Adelaide Now reports that 25-year-old William Kennewell continuously ignored his dentist's warnings and continued to drink six to eight liters of soda a day, and eventually had all his rotten teeth removed.

"I'm told a normal person has about 23 teeth, but... I only had 13 left and they had to be removed," he told Adelaide Now. Working in the hotel industry gave him easy access to Coke, he said, and since he's not a fan of water he ended up drinking only soda. The tooth decay, however, caused blood poisoning and was detrimental to his health, so dentures were necessary.

Naturally, soda might not be the only cause of his dental problems, but it certainly doesn't help. We're going to go brush our teeth now.