The 25 Best Hard-to-Get-to Restaurants Worth the Trip

The journey may not be simple, but the destination merits the effort

Take a guided tour to Tierra del Fuego, an Argentinean archipelago off the southernmost tip of South America, to experience an area referred to as the End of the World.

"Life is a journey, not a destination," proclaimed Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson. Food then, too, is about the great quest and the hunger for the experience.  

So, the hunt is on for the world’s best food found in the most remote corners of the Earth. Are you willing to work for your food? Are you ready to wear hiking boots to get to dinner? Are you OK with going to the bathroom outside in order to indulge in the perfect meal?

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If you’re still thinking about it, then keep reading, because we’ve compiled a list of restaurants that churn out such spectacular food that it is really worth the trip. The good news is that once you arrive, you’ll be happy to discover that many of these far-out spots are actually reasonably priced, intimate, and romantic, with views you’ll never again see. Plus, they put you in the same room as like-minded diners, who are also prepared to test their limits.

By boat, enjoy the unique sensation of eating at the world’s only undersea restaurant at Ithaa in the Maldives, where you can feast on lobster carpaccio and apple and goose liver tortellini. By foot, follow the zigzag path through Saltfjellet to Turistua at the top of a hill overlooking Hammerfest, Norway, where you might try seagull eggs or reindeer stew. By cable car, you’ll stop at the top of Brazil’s Urca Hill en route to the summit of Sugar Loaf Mountain for a codfish fritter and caiprinhas with cachaça, or sugarcane rum, made in-house at Abençoado Bar. Catch a flight to the Republic of Yemen’s Socotra Island and eat grilled kingfish with rice seasoned with cinnamon, coriander, cumin, and fried onions on the beach overlooking the Indian Ocean at the laid-back and cheap Adeeb's Eco-Lodge.


If grape-infused brandy in Brazil, fresh bear meat in Sweden, and banana cream pie off the coast of Spain entice the adventurer in you, check out The Daily Meal’s countdown of the world’s most remote restaurants.