24 Cookbook Gifts for the 12 Kinds of Cooks in Your Life

Don’t just give a cookbook this year, give one that they’ll love
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We've got gift ideas for every kind of cook in your life.

Last month, we gave you our picks for the 25 best cookbooks of the year. We didn’t just sift through a list of books and pick the prettiest names, though — we carefully developed a grading rubric that helped us determine the cookbook’s qualities not just on one level, but on three. Now, as we head into the holiday (read: gift-giving) season, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to these beautiful and thorough cookbooks because they’re not just great to buy for yourself, they’re great to give as gifts as well.

24 Cookbook Gifts for the 12 Kinds of Cooks in Your Life

To further expand on our list of the best cookbooks out there, we came up with a whole new system of ranking them (well, most of them). Sure, we know that they’d make great gifts because they’re great cookbooks, but that doesn’t mean every single one of them is the perfect cookbook to give to every single one of your loved ones.

To help you organize of your gift-giving this season, we’ve taken a look at our best cookbooks and determined which books are great gifts for which type of person. Have a thrill-seeker in your life? They’d probably find more use for a book like Modernist Cuisine at Home than Barefoot Contessa: How Easy Is That?. Know someone who cares just as much about their décor as they do about what comes out of their kitchen? The Canal House Everyday cookbook would make a great addition to their cooking repertoire, as well as their coffee table. For each person on this list, we've given you not one, but two suggestions for cookbooks they should be receiving this year. After all, there’s no better gift to give than the one they truly want.


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