23 Percent of Kitchens Overloaded with Online Orders, Study Says

All you people too lazy to get off your couch are kind of screwing up their system

Of course online ordering is bringing in some money; what's better than eating takeout Chinese without having to really interact with another human being (except answering the door) while watching movies on a Thursday night?

Thanks to some numbers courtesy of HighTable, it seems like the entire nation has caught on to online ordering. According to research done at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, restaurant owners on average estimate that online orders now make up 10 percent of their daily orders.

Naturally, most of these orders go to the fast-casual section, with 37.5 percent of fast-casual orders coming from an online software or program. Surprisingly, there is a higher percentage of online orders in fine dining (18 percent) than upscale casual (16.5 percent).

Meanwhile, restaurant owners have had to deal with the increase in orders; numbers say that 23 percent of kitchens feel overburdened by all you people ordering food remotely, while 6 percent have dedicated an entirely new line to deal with online orders. So if you're wondering why your Thai food is taking an hour to reach your door, now you know why.

Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.