220 Ways To Call Someone A Drunk, According To Benjamin Franklin

Booze-minded history buffs, here's a fun little nugget of trivia to take with you to the bar: Benjamin Franklin's 220 synonyms for calling someone "drunk."

Clearly quite the seasoned imbiber, Franklin first compiled the terms in a 1737 piece for the Pennsylvania Gazette called "The Drinker's Dictionary." Now, that work has become Internet Age-relevant thanks to a video from hilarious history geek web site, I Made America.

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In it, "Benjamin Franklin" recites all 220 of the phrases that, in his words, "signify plainly that a man is drunk." As you might imagine, the result is pretty hilarious. If you don't necessarily want to sit through the entire six-minute video, here are are a couple favorite phrases to add your repertoire: "Cherry merry!," "He has been to France," and "He has got his top gallant sails out."