22 Central Park South Residences & Bergdorf Goodman Partner on Exclusive Services

The luxury retailer Bergdorf Goodman has entered into an interesting partnership with 22 Central Park South, operated by the Elad Group, to offer a handful of services to each company's affluent customers. This also marks the first time for Bergdorf entering into an agreement like this.


Receiving designs and furnishings from Bergdorf, 22 Central Park South has created an idealized dream model residence within the building. Featuring cashmere pillows, antique decorations, imported china and crystal adornments, the décor of Residence 7 gives prospective property buyers a warm and luxurious look at what their 22 Central Park South home could look like.

On the other side of the equation, residents of the full-floor homes will have, "direct access to the world’s most exclusive department store," said Samantha Sax. Through video chat sessions, buyers will be able to consult with Bergdorf's designers and stylists to choose a perfect layout for their new homes, which includes delivery and arrangement before moving in.

With 2,021- and 2,943-square-foot, full-floor residences available and a direct link to Bergdorf Goodman, the homes will have all the makings of an ideal New York City condominium. In terms of location, space and luxury, this is definitely an exciting property for Bergdorf, the Elad Group and anyone who can call the building their new home.