2013 Travel Trends (So Far)

Halfway through the year is long enough to start identifying some of 2013's biggest travel and food news trends. From the next wave of culinary destinations to demands for transparency from major fast-food chains, we've rounded up the biggest news affecting how, what, and where we should eat when on the road.

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We've followed up on some of our predictions from the beginning of the year while also highlighting global trends that have emerged in recent months. It may be no surprise that more and more menus nationwide are revamping with healthier options, but who could have foreseen the cancellation of room service?

And on that note, who knew that helicopter/drone-like "waiters" would actually be put to use?

Check out the slideshow for a look a look at the world of food and travel, so far. Who's to say if these trends are here to stay, but we're keeping tabs, nonetheless.