2010's Best Blogs To Cookbooks

Since Julie & Julia, almost every food blogger has dreamed of a cookbook deal. The blog-to-cookbook fantasy has probably inspired dozens, if not hundreds, of cooks to create their own blogspot.com in hopes of catching a publisher's eye, or better yet, a studio's. With the abundance of food blogs, the odds of actually landing a deal are pretty slim.

Last year, the site This is Why You're Fat, the popular photo-commentary on America's dietary habits, was one of the lucky few that made the cut. Cake Wrecks, compilations of baking experiments gone horribly wrong, also appeared in print.

2010 sees a variety of blog-to-cookbook success stories sold on Amazon, like the drool-worthy photos in Food Porn Daily, comfort foods from Southern Plate and the health-oriented Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef. Eat Tweet, one of the more unconventional recipe sources of the year, also popped up in ink; it's composed of recipes sent over Twitter in 140 characters or less. We're not sure if that technically counts as a blog or not, but it definitely got published as a cookbook.


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