2010's Best Blogs to Cookbooks Slideshow


Blog: Dinner: A Love Story

Time for Dinner, as well as the blog that inspired it, features recipes geared toward helping parents serve good quality food even if they’re short on time.

Blog: Food Porn Daily

Amanda Simpson is the writer and one of the photographers behind the mouthwatering photos on her website and new cookbook that features dishes like these Buttermilk Beer Battered Onion Rings.

Blog: Bakerella

Featured as one of the top 25 food blogs of the year, Bakerella makes colorful and fun dessert recipes like these treats-on-a-stick in her new cookbook Cake Pops.

Blog: Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef

Gluten-free recipes that make it easy to live with dietary restrictions, like this Gluten-Free Pasta with Anchovies, Lemons and Olives.

Blog: The City Cook

A blog and book dedicated to helping city dwellers make the best meals they can with what little space and time they have.

Blog: A Slice of Cherry Pie

London-based food writer Julie Parsons, a self-taught cook, creates traditional British recipes with a modern twist. 

Blog: Southern Plate

Christy Johnson serves up classic, Southern-inspired comfort foods in her family-oriented cookbook and site.

Blog: Beyond the Pasta

Mark Leslie: A professional theater stage manager by day who creates extraordinary Italian feasts by night.

Blog: Ideas in Food

Blog: Eat Tweet

Recipes for the busy, tech-oriented cook tweeted in 140 characters or less. (Maureen Evans, the author, lives with her partner, Blaine Cook, Twitter's original programmer).