20 Songs You Never Want to Hear at a Party

Whatever you do, don’t add these tunes to your playlist
Awful Party Songs
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Playing any of these songs is pretty much equivalent to being a huge buzz kill.

Hosting a party is an art form. Any host or hostess knows this. The decor fits the theme perfectly. The food is a complimentary menu that plays off of both the theme and the crowd. And every great party has an amazing playlist.

Just because a song is a good one, it doesn’t mean that it belongs on a party playlist. Curating an amazing playlist is almost scientific. There has to be equal parts fun dance music, great nostalgic beats and a few transitioning songs to keep the party flowing. A song may have a great dance beat, but it doesn’t mean that it is party appropropriate. While nome nostalgia songs are welcome, not all of them are created equal. And just because it is a radio hit, doesn’t mean it deserves air time at your party.

To help you make wise choices when it comes to party songs, we’ve pulled together a list of the ones that absolutely should never come on while you have guests over. We tried to choose songs that people may feel compelled to play because of it being a huge hit, from a well loved artist or to simple evoke a trip down memory lane.

For example, we all thought that Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” was so bad that it was good, but do you really want to try and talk over or dance to that awful tune? And no one can deny the genius of The Doors, but c’mon, hearing “The End” isn’t exactly going to put anyone in a feel-good mood.

Oh and if we hear “Free Bird” one more time, we’re going to leave your party and never come back to your home ever again.

So do us and your guests a favor, and never play any of these songs at your next party... ever. 


“Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)” Green Day

It isn’t an awful, song. It just is so horribly misinterpreted it is nauseating. It isn’t a happy song, don’t play it at a party.

“Who Let the Dogs Out” Baha Men

Will your guests laugh when this comes on? Yes. But we promise as soon as the refrain is over it won’t be funny or cute any more.

“Livin’ On Prayer” Bon Jovi

Ugh, no one needs to be reminded of the hard life in Jersey when they are trying to have a good time.

“Jump Around” House of Pain

Why was this song ever created? If you feel like this song will inspire people to “get out their seat” you’re probably hosting an awful party already.



The Village People This is especially important for any sort of wedding party. Just don’t do it. No one will join in, and things will get awkward quick!