20 Essential Super Bowl Party Foods

Make these delicious staples for the big game

Check out these delicious meals for game-day!

The Super Bowl is undeniably a day for true football fans. Whether your team has made it to game day or not, an intense football fan will always make sure to block off this special day on their calendar. For the real fans out there, game-day is a send off to their beloved sport and it completely deserves to end with a bang. You may not be able to control the results of the game, but you can definitely control how delicious it can be.

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For football fans there are certain fares that are a right of passage. You want food that transcends the tailgate but remains easy enough to make so you don’t miss one of the big plays. To help you make your Super Bowl party a successful one, we’ve come up with with a list of the most essential, delicious recipes for you to make and to assign out to attendees that will make game-day tasty.

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First, we’ll start you out with essential dips, like the basic 7-layer dip that everyone will love. If you’re worried about filling up on a heavy dip don’t worry, we also include simple and flavorful recipes like salsa and guacamole to help you lightly easy you way into game-day eating. For the hearty stuff, we rounded up recipes like slow cooker pulled pork in honor of everyone’s second favorite pigskin and paired it will delicious tailgate-approved sides like potato salad.

For more game-day inspiration, check out our list of essential party foods and cater your party successfully with these easy recipes!