20 Cities, 20 Hot Dogs

Watch a 90-second video guiding you through 20 hot dogs, from Cincinnati to Honolulu

Chicagoans may have their tomatoes, sport peppers, and bright green relish on their hot dogs, and New Yorkers might be happy with a little sauerkraut and mustard, but why stop there?

Uji Films made this sweet little video for Applegate, taking you on a culinary tour of the states with 20 different hot dogs in 90 seconds. You start with Baltimore (with bologna, sauerkraut, and mustard), head on over to Boise (baked potato "bun" with bacon, sour cream, and onions), and somehow end up going through Des Moines (with grilled corn), Honolulu (topped with starfruit), and Memphis (split hot dog with mutard, pickles, and onions). Portland, in the meantime, gets a hot dog on a pita bread, while Tampa's get topped with crushed potato chips.

Watch the creation of all 20 hot dogs in the video, and try and decide what's your favorite. Personally, we're getting tired of the New York variation. Time for some exploring.