2 Homemade Spa-Worthy Scrubs

Who needs a spa when you have kitchen staples?

Homemade sugar body scrub

 We’ve all done it — spend an unspeakable amount of money on an overpriced body scrub in order to obtain perfectly exfoliated and glowing skin. Yet, is it really worth the money? Perhaps… but you have the potential to make a scrub (or in this case, two) that's just as effective and high-quality as one from a spa, using kitchen staples you already have in your kitchen cupboard. Here are two amazing and simple recipes for scrubs you can make in your spare time. You may never go back to the expensive kind, and why would you? Now get scrubbing and show off your homemade summer glow!


Sugar Body Scrub

-1 cup turbinado sugar

-1/2 cup sweet almond oil

-5-10 drops of orange essential oil


Mix thoroughly and store in a tightly shut container.


Salt Body Scrub

-1 cup fine Epsom salts

-1/2 cup grapeseed oil

-5-10 drops lavender essential oils


Mix thoroughly and store in a tightly shut container.


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