2 Chainz Will Include Cookbook in Next Album

The rapper’s healthy eating habits will be reflected in the recipes

Rapper 2 Chainz wants to include a cookbook with his forthcoming album "Based on a True Story II: Me Time."

In an interview on the New York City radio station Power 105, rapper 2 Chainz revealed that he wants to include a cookbook inside his forthcoming album "Based on a True Story II: Me Time."

"Eating a certain way has changed my life," he said in the interview, and emphasized that he believes healthy eating is important. "It’s all about what I’m putting inside my body."

The rapper said that he hopes to include "about 14 to 15 meals, however many songs [the album] is" — all recipes that he enjoys and cooks regularly. "It’s going to tell you whatever was used to make this, as far as ingredients and cooking time and all that stuff, and probably the pros and the cons of eating it."

The recipes will reflect his healthy eating habits. "I’m a seafood lover," he said. "I don’t eat beef or pork, period."

The rapper said that he treats his performances like a sport, and said that in order to keep up with the physical demands of performing, he is careful to eat well. "Very few athletes eat fried food all day long, or all month long… It’s hard. It clogs up arteries and cholesterol and things of that nature… I eat salads and stuff like that."

2 Chainz sees the cookbook as similar to DVD bonuses, and said, "I just want to come probably with my own little array of swag aprons with the cookbook. That will probably get me on The View or something like that."

Watch the full interview below; 2 Chainz talks about his cookbook in the first 5 minutes.