19 Goofy Things You Didn't Know About Food At Disney Parks

At Disney World and Disneyland, literally everything has been thought of. The "imagineers" have been tasked with creating a perfect little world for everyone who visits, and they actually gave a lot more thought to the food served there than you might realize.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to the two resorts every year, spending millions of dollars on admission, merchandise, and food. It's really stunning how much thought went into every little detail, right down to the subliminal.

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For example, did you know that we tend to walk to the right side of the street, so Main Street USA is designed with all the food shops on the right for those wanting breakfast as they enter, and with all the souvenir shops on guests' right as they leave? The street also looks much longer than it actually is, thanks to the "forced perspective" of Cinderella's Castle, which is actually pretty tiny. This way those entering the park think it's much bigger than it is, and for those looking to leave the exit is mercifully closer than they remember it being.

These are just a couple of the hundreds of secrets at Disney World and Disney Land. There are Mickey Mouse heads hidden all over the place, for example, and there's a real human skull in Pirates of the Caribbean. There's also a basketball court in a crew section at the top of the Matterhorn, certain sections have their own signature scents (Norway at Epcot, for example, smells like "airy mountains"), and that the coins thrown into the water at It's a Small World are donated to the Give Kids the World.

But onto the food. You probably didn't give any thought to when you bought that hot dog or churro, but you'd be amazed by some of the facts and figures behind the food served at Disney. Read on for 19 things about it that you most likely didn't know.

None of the Shops Sell Gum

That's why you don't often see gum on the pavement. 

Rose & Crown

Rose and Crown are the most common words found in pub names in the U.K., so that's why that name was chosen for the pub at the UK Pavilion at Epcot. 

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