18 Students Hospitalized After Hot-Sauce Dare

Kids like to dare each other to eat weird things, but sometimes it gets downright dangerous, like when a teenager almost died after his friends dared him to drink a quart of soy sauce. But kids will keep daring each other to consume gross things, and this Thursday 18 students in San Diego were taken to the hospital after they were sickened by a dare to drink a concoction of hot sauce, milk, carrots, and salt. But their teachers are pretty sure at least some of the kids were faking.

According to The New York Post, some students at Audubon Elementary dared each other to drink from a mixture of hot sauce, milk, carrots, and salt during lunch that day. While that concoction might taste a little odd, unless a huge amount of it were consumed or it were tainted by some other bacteria, it seems unlikely to cause any serious damage. But some students reported upset stomachs afterward, and to be safe school administrators put out a call to see if any other students were ill, San Diego schools spokesperson Jack Brandais said.

Of course, when teachers asked their classes if any of the students were suffering from upset stomachs, hands started shooting up. Brandais said many of them "may not have had problems at all," but to be safe 18 of the 22 students who said their stomachs were suddenly hurting were sent to the hospital to be checked out. All were later released and no one was seriously ill or injured by the concoction.

As an additional precaution, the school had the kitchen, cafeteria, and the outdoor lunch areas thoroughly sanitized that night.