16 Most Expensive Celebrity's Kid Birthday Parties

Birthday parties will always have those moments we remember, good or bad. Like that terrifying clown at your backyard birthday shindig, or that soggy pizza from Chuck-E-Cheese, or the bratty kid that always cries to steal the show. But then there's that yummy princess cake or those Spiderman decorations your mom and dad blew the budget on — just to see you smile.

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Don't worry, we didn't forget the goodie bags. With sugary treats like Pixy Stix and wrapped chewy things, the cheapie plastic toys that hold your attention for about four seconds, and stickers with (or not) the party's theme, the goodie bags are usually one of the highlights of almost every birthday party.

Some parents just can't stop at a Carvel ice cream cake and a few pizza pies. There's always room to be bigger and better when it comes to their children's birthday parties. If your friends were "fancy," a trip to the movie theater with buttered popcorn and Milk Duds was in store. If they were "super fancy," you might even find yourself and a few of your buds at Six Flags for a day of fast rides.

Think that's extravagant? Celebrity parents dish out thousands of dollars to throw their kid's birthday parties, scratch that, celebrations, fiestas, events. Pin the Tail on the Donkey and piñatas do not cut it for the children of the famous. Spare no expense — the bigger, the grander, the more over-the-top, the better.

Imagine being little fashionable Suri Cruise celebrating with actors dressed up as favorite characters and frolicking with animals for a cool $200,000, or Pax Jolie-Pitt sailing the river Seine with the fambam for his seventh birthday. Sounds like the life — petting zoos and carnival treats are just the beginning for celebrity kid birthday extravaganzas. Sure beats the Ronald McDonald play area.


Suri Cruises' $100,000 Second Birthday Party

Most of us can't even remember our second birthday and Suri, now 7, probably didn't either, but Katie Holmes and then hubby, Tom Cruise spent $100,000 for hers. The couple dished out $17,000 on fresh flowers, $45,000 on catering from Wolfgang Puck, and filled the room with 1,000 butterflies. The cake alone cost a whopping $5,000 and they spent $230 at Little Sprinkles bakery in Los Angeles just on cupcakes. Suri Cruise had another over-the-top bash for her fifth birthday party with a budget of over $20,000! This girl seriously gets it all. Pre-split, TomKat hired professional actors to dress up as favorite children's characters, and had a load of animals, including giraffes and elephants to entertain her guests. Who needs a stuffed animal as a birthday gift when you can play with the real thing at your birthday party?!

Taylor Armstrong's $60,000 Tea Party


Taylor Armstrong of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills went all out for her daughter's fourth birthday party. The $60,000 party, planned by Dana Wilkey, known for her lavish celebrity-driven events, was held at the Houdini mansion in the Laurel Canyon area. It was a tea party fit for a queen complete with floating teapots holding flowers, a ridiculous teacake and cupcakes on amazing china. 

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