15 Wines Fit For Holiday Feasting

There was a time when preparing for the holidays was easy. You bought a turkey and a ham and hoped that both would be done within a couple hours of when you told everyone the meal would be on the table. Wines? A bottle of chardonnay and a bottle of pinot noir had everything and everyone covered.

While neither the big bird nor the hambone are about to enter the endangered menu items list, most people are less concerned about tradition than they once were and have elected to diversify their holiday entertaining menus.

That goes for wine as well.

For the past decade or two, American drinkers have quit feeling intimidated by wines and have instead sought out exotic bottles from around the globe — malbecs from Argentina, albariños from Spain, and petit mansengs from Pennsylvania, for example. As a result, there is a subtlety of wine for every subtlety of flavor that comes from the kitchen. We picked out a case of wines for the holidays and then threw in another three for good measure.

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