15 Ways to Use Tabasco at Your Barbecue This Summer

Here are some surefire ways to heat up the barbecue this summer

Spice up your barbecue this summer with a little Tabasco.

With warm weather and summer grilling season upon us, we're thinking of new ways to heat up the backyard barbecue. And by heat, we mean giving your summer barbecue recipes a spicy kick. To get things sizzling, we searched the pantry and came across an old standby, Tabasco. Shaking in a few drops of the fiery sauce adds loads of spice to classic barbecue favorites, as well as to a few unexpected dishes.    

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Tabasco’s uses go beyond a condiment for eggs or part of a Bloody Mary mix. The ubiquitous ingredient can be used to add extra spice to a variety of foods. Try adding a splash to take guacamole to a hot new level or throwing in a teaspoon to add a little kick to creamy onion dip. We're even a fan of pouring some into chicken marinades to give them extra punch. So put down the jalapeño and kick things up the Scoville scale with a bottle of Tabasco.

From appetizers like hot wings and bean dip to barbecue classics like potato salad and baked beans, we’ve rounded up our favorite summer dishes — and spiked them with Tabasco. Savory dishes aren’t the only things we’ve looked at, though, because we’ve even found some sweet treats that will keep the fiery heat going through dessert.


Take a look in your pantry — chances are you already have a bottle of Tabasco stashed away. Turn up the heat by incorporating a few splashes into your favorite summer recipes, or better yet, try some of the recipes we’ve found. Summer is here and it’s time to dust off the grill, fire it up, and break out the spice.