15 Superfruit Juices You Need To Start Drinking

So we're going to give you the bad news first: the term "superfruit," is getting bandied about a whole lot lately, but it doesn't have the most solid definition. It has been used as a marketing term in the food and beverage industry, and the designation of a superfruit as you might see it on packaging doesn't have any kind of legal definition. But don't despair! Just because the term is a little shaky, that doesn't mean you can't learn which fruits are more nutritionally beneficial for you than others.

15 Superfruit Juices You Need to Start Drinking (Slideshow)

Using real superfruits in your whole juice blending process can be very beneficial to your health. While all fruits and vegetables are healthy, there are definitely some that are more potent in terms of anti-oxidants and micronutrients, and these are often referred to as superfruits.

Juicing is certainly a craze, and when done the proper way, can offer a magnitude of health benefits. As I've brought up in Juice Cleanses: Hype or Healthy?traditional juicing is a waste of time and produce. The real value comes from whole fruit/vegetable blending.

I would not even label it juicing... just blending fruits and vegetables and consuming them in their full glory. Another note: juice cleanses really boil down to a bunch of hype, in my opinion. Juices are not meant for weight loss. Inherently, whole juices offer natural detoxification, but keep in mind that we should all be eating between five and 13 servings of fruits and veggies daily anyway.

I think whole-juicing is a great way to combine numerous fruits and vegetables, create a palatable drink, and get all those servings in. It can certainly be more convenient than munching on a few salads daily, which may be time-consuming and overwhelming 

Take a look at the slideshow, which contains some of my personal favorite "superfruits" for including in a whole juice blend — these are fruits that have health benefits that go above and beyond.

Special Contributor Deepa Verma, MD, recently opened her new integrative medical practice, Synergistiq Integrative Health, in Clearwater, Florida. Dr. Verma believes that healthy and holistic living is the key to happiness and aging gracefully.