15 Party Snacks That Are Actually Good For You

We've all heard that the things that taste the best can't be good for us. That greasy burger smeared with barbeque sauce and layered with thick Cheddar or that plate of salty fries piled high with melted cheese and spicy chili or that ice cream sundae drowned in hot fudge, whipped cream and sprinkles — none of these can be all that good for you.

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But this is not always the case. Sometimes the things that taste great are actually good for you, especially when you are at that summer bash.

Warm weather gives us plenty to celebrate and a ton of reasons to soak up the sunshine and hang out with friends and family. So the summer season is filled with parties and impromptu backyard gatherings, oftentimes with food as the focal point. Marinated grilled chicken and flavorful potato salads are the stars of barbeques, while seasonal fruits and cheeses are the highlights of park picnics.

You might feel like parties can be the downfall of "project slim-down" and healthy eating because the options can be laden with superfluous calories and devoid of nutritional benefits.

You may think that creamy guacamole and spicy salsa with chips can be the bearer of bad news and that trail mix with meaty nuts and crunchy popcorn will ruin your waistline. You're afraid that those delicious deviled eggs will be the end of you and your summer body. But that's where you're wrong.

Keep an open mind when approaching the table heavy with tasty snacks. Pause and take a moment to think about what those delicious bites are really made of. Nutritional value can be found where you least expect it. Here are some party goodies that are actually good for you.

Cocktail Shrimp

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On a sweltering summer day a hot grilled burger can make you uncomfortable, but chilled cocktail shrimp can be a viable party snack option. The shrimp are high in protein, and definitely low in fat and calories, making them a well-balanced festive food. They also contain zinc, which promotes a strong immune system. A few shrimp won't hurt.

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Summer barbeques are nothing without juicy grilled chicken thighs and drumsticks. Although dark meat gets a bad rep for being fatty, it's still a great source of protein. Dark meat contains myoglobin, a compound with iron found in muscle cells, while white meat has none. It also has more zinc and B vitamins. Still not convinced? Stick to skinless opportunities and options less drenched in sauce or breading. No need to skip those delicious kebabs or wings.

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