15 Most Useful Gadgets for Your College Dorm Kitchen Slideshow

These simple, often overlooked gadgets can help make your dorm cooking surprisingly impressive

Colored Pairing Knives

These knives are essential for your first year at college. They can carve, cut, and trim various ingredients you’re working with — and as a bonus, they’re easy to store and will take up very little space in your already too-little dorm room.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are never just cutting boards, anyways, right? In your dorm, we see them used as platters and plates at your multiple dinner parties.

Aluminum Foil


Besides your new roommate, aluminum foil is your new best friend at college. With its malleable shape it can become an impromptu roasting pan, baking sheet, chip bowl, colander, and, of course, can be used as a replacement for those missing Tupperware lids.

Electric Kettle


An electric kettle is great for various at-home uses, and that translates to your dorm room, as well. Most models boil in less than a minute so you can enjoy mac and cheese, ramen, tea, or coffee in no time.  



Chopsticks are not just for Chinese take-out. In college, they’re a multi-purpose utensil; you can use them as salad tongs or even drink stirrers. Invest in a restaurant quality pair so that they’ll last you through the semester. 

Small Blender

small blender can come in handy when trying to eat healthy by helping you make shakes or smoothies, and they even give you a hand when you just don’t want to mince garlic and onions with a knife.

Heavy-Bottomed Pot

This pot is entirely too useful, from browning garlic and onions evenly to cook for a soup you’re making for hall mates to making an egg, this pot can really do it all. Just make sure not to leave it unattended in the communal kitchen — you don’t want fellow freshmen ruining your equipment.



As a college student, toast is a staple in your diet, and aside from the fact that it’s delicious, it’s also easy to make, so be sure to invest in this kitchen gadget if your college or university allows it.

Coffee Filters


Coffee filters can be paired with an electric kettle in place of a coffee pot, and you can also use them as pseudo-cheesecloth tied with a small piece of string to brew tea or soak varied spices into a soup. 

Can Opener


Imagine sitting in your dorm, watching the snow fall (if there even is snow where you’re going), and grabbing a can of your favorite Campbell’s to open, only to discover you have no way of opening it. Make sure not to fall victim to this mistake and overlook this essential kitchen tool.



If your college or university allows it, microwaves are a great piece of equipment to have resting on your shelves next to your textbooks. They’re essential for reheating all of those leftovers your mom left you with from parents’ weekend, or even the to-go box you brought back from the dining hall. 

Zoku Slush and Smoothie Maker

This gadget makes smoothies and frozen treats within minutes. Simply take out the inner cup, put it in the freezer for roughly eight hours, and then without any effort, you can enjoy a frozen treat from the comfort of your own bed. 

Silicone Tools


Sets of Silicone tools, such as spatulas and mixing spoons are important; you never know when you’re going to need a mixing spoon or two, plus, they make great bookmarks. 

Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls come in all shapes and sizes and can have a variety of uses.  You might use one as a cereal bowl and another to mix up some cupcake batter. No matter what kind of cooking you’ll get into at college, it’s important to keep various sizes of bowls around so you can create pretty much anything you’d like.  

Measuring Cups and Spoons


If you’ve ever gotten a craving for Duncan Heinz brownies, then you know just how important measuring cups and spoons are. They also come in handy when making pancakes, waffles, or measuring a cup of dry ingredients like almonds for a regimented diet.