15 Most Followed Chefs On Twitter Slideshow

#1 Jamie Oliver: 1,058,269 followers

With 4,600 tweets and 1,058,269 followers, Jamie Oliver is one of the most followed chefs in the world. As of this time his account follows 3,938 people on Twitter.

Handle: @jamie_oliver

#2 Anthony Bourdain: 338,482 followers

At 1,878 tweets, Anthony Bourdain has less than half of Jamie Oliver's 4,600 tweets, and about a third of the followers. But 338,482 followers is nothing to scoff at (especially with him only following 65 people) putting him in a solid second place by this count.

Handle: @NoReservations

#3 Paula Deen: 319, 998 followers

Paula Deen has tweeted 1,456 times, her account follows 290 other accounts, and her 327,243 followers puts her in a strong third place, just 10,000 followers behind Anthony Bourdain.

Handle: @Paula_Deen

#4 Tyler Florence: 262, 958 followers

Tyler Florence's Twitter account follows 609 other accounts, registers 3,451 tweets, and has a very strong 264,827 followers, putting him in fourth place on this list.

Handle: @TylerFlorence

#5 Gordon Ramsay: 266,725 followers

Chef Gordon Ramsay's account notes 926 tweets, follows 619 other accounts, and boasts 266,725 followers.

Handle: @GordonRamsay01

#6 Giada De Laurentiis: 251,344

Giada's account features 1,038 tweets, and notes that it follows just 40 other accounts, but registers a very strong 251,344 followers.

Handle: @GDeLaurentiis

#7 Bobby Flay: 236,428 followers

King of the Food Network, Bobby Flay has almost a quarter million followers (236,428), but like his colleague GIada follows a very limited number of accounts (37). He boasts 1,002 tweets.

Handle: @bflay

#8 Guy Fieri: 232,255 followers

"Brotha" of the everyman, Guy Fieri also only follows about 40 accounts, and has tweeted just 460 times. But that doesn't change the fact that he has a whopping 232,255 followers. Imagine what would happen this culinary/cultural zeitgeist tweeted just a few more times a day and threw some @'s and RT's in there.

Handle: @ChefGuyFieri

#9 Andrew Zimmern: 157,581 followers

The host of Bizarre Foods has tweeted 3,064 times, and follows 17,732 other accounts. He boasts a respectable 157,581 followers.

Handle: @andrewzimmern

#10 Emeril: 138,872 followers

Bam! Emeril may only follow 237 other accounts, and he has tweeted a relatively tame 1,151 times. Still, he has 138,872 followers.

Handle: @Emeril

#11 Rick Bayless: 124,321 followers,

Chef Rick Bayless may only follow 121 other accounts, but he has a very impressive 124,321 followers. Even more impressive? The 6,338 tweets to his credit, which are the most of any chef on this list.

Handle: @Rick_Bayless

#12 Tom Colicchio: 125,963 followers

Chef Tom Colicchio is engaged with 160 other members of the Twitter community, and boasts respecable 2,685 tweets. His followers total: 125,963.

Handle: @tom_colicchio

#14 Rocco DiSpirito: 100,082 followers

Rocco's Twitter account features 2,547 tweets, follows 394 accounts, and just gets over the 100,000 mark with 100,082 followers.

Handle: @roccodispirito

#13 Rachael Ray: 100,622 followers

Ray-Ray has tweeted just 136 times. Just 136 times! At 117, she almost follows more accounts than she's tweeted. Still, she has 100,622 followers.

Handle: @rachael_ray

#15 Michael Chiarello: 83,110 followers

Chef Michael Chiarello can lay claim to just 584 tweets, but he follows 5,747 users. Perhaps that helps to account for his 83,110 followers.

Handle: @ChefChiarello