15 Innovative Coffee Mug Designs

Are your mornings starting to feel routine? Same alarm going off, same bowl of cereal for breakfast, same cup of coffee at the same old job? Well, that's all about to change! OK, maybe not all of it, but at least the coffee cup part can.

In an age of sleek iPads and cars that look equipped for space travel, it seems like the conventional coffee mug has been stuck in a rut for some time. However, some clever folks have have undertaken the task of giving the lowly mug a makeover. To what degree can this simple object be elevated from the mundane? You might be surprised.

Designs range from technologically advanced thermal mugs that change in appearance when hot liquid is poured inside, to revamped classics, like a ceramic version of the iconic Greek coffee cup that has become synonymous with less-than-perfect New York coffee. For those aggressive, "I am not a morning person" types — you know, who might very well punch someone before having their first couple cups of joe — there's the aptly named "Fisticup."

Need a little extra jolt in the morning beyond the caffeine kick? The surprise Shark Attack mug will certainly give you a start. Or maybe you're just looking for something to make you smile before you get your day underway. A personalized message scrawled on your chalkboard cup from a special someone, perhaps?

So if you're tired of the routine, try shaking things up with one of these innovative coffee mugs.

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