15 Classic Comfort Foods

Cozy, comforting recipes that will make you feel better instantaneously

Sriracha Burger

Melted, gooey cheese atop tender noodles or hot chili filled with creamy beans — ah, the joys of comfort food. Whether they’re used to mend an aching heart or a tired body, comfort foods relieve the pressures of the outside world, even if just momentarily, offering a respite from the fast-paced lives that we lead.

Savoring the warmth and heartiness of many classic, comforting dishes like mac and cheese or hot apple pie can also serve as a trip down memory lane. Memories of the pie your grandmother made or your uncle’s meatball special come floating back as the aromas waft your way.

Whether the recipes we’ve collected here accurately represent your favorite version of the dish or not is not important — we just hope to inspire you to get in the kitchen and start cooking up a storm. Experiment with these new variations on lasagna, pie, and chowder or let them motivate you to make your version at home.

Feel free to share your favorite comfort foods with us or upload a photo of how these dishes turned out!


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