15 Best Wedding Blogs

Get help planning your big day with help from these blogs

Best Wedding Blogs

The saying goes, “First comes love, then comes marriage,” but no one mentioned everything that needs to be done between the two. Planning a wedding can be compared to putting on a Broadway show.

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Between the proposal and the walk down the aisle lies a very long road that includes choosing a wedding date, a location, registries, bridesmaids, groomsman, dresses, tuxedos, menus, invitations and color themes. Regardless of whether you are using a wedding planner for a top-of-the line affair or planning it all yourself in the backyard, we can all use a bit of help in deciding what we want.

Wedding blogs have saved many from nuptial insanity. The best of them are also attached to an additional wealth of information on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so you can see it as well as read it.

The right wedding blog can help you guide you to the right vendors and DIY (“Do It Yourself”) projects to help keep your experience as headache free as possible, but first you need to sort through them to find the ones that best match what type of affair you are looking for.  

It’s not an easy task to sift through what’s out there.  We took a look at which blogs had the most followers on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to get a complete view of their social outreach. We also ranked them according to the blog’s look and style, the variety of information they provided and the unique features that made the blog stand out.

When the rankings were complete, we narrowed it down to 15 of the top wedding blogs out there. They include sites like Style Me Pretty, a blog that has a following of 577,000 on Twitter, 119,000 on Facebook and nearly 6 million on Pinterest, and Grooms Advice, the only one at the top to offer the men tips, tricks and help in wedding planning.

Among these wedding blogs you’ll also find ones that focus on specifics, such as keeping strict budget (The Broke-Ass Bride), choosing color combinations (The Perfect Palette), and planning themed affairs (Offbeat Bride).

Enough information exists in cyberspace to plan the perfect wedding – whatever your definition of perfect is.

15. The Broke-Ass Bride

It is possible to have a great wedding on a budget and The Broke-Ass Bride proves it. Within this blog you will find plenty of DIY advice, as well as timely discounts on dresses, invitations, lingerie, and more.

14. Grooms Advice

With the focus on wedding blogs for brides, the grooms are bound to feel a bit left out. Send them to Grooms Advice and they will actually enjoy getting involved, but don’t be shocked if he comes back ready to ask for a Groom’s Home Improvement Shower. 


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