Mark Cuban Says Season 16 Of Shark Tank Will Be His Last

Venture capitalist Mark Cuban has been a fan-favorite shark on "Shark Tank" since Season 2 of the show, but Cuban has announced that he will be leaving the popular show after Season 16. The billionaire businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner confirmed on the "All The Smoke Podcast," "Next year, our 16th year, is gonna be my last year." Cuban's exit from "Shark Tank" won't be shrouded in mystery, as he revealed that the main reason he wants to leave is to spend more time with his family. Cuban told The Hollywood Reporter, "I just want to have a couple summers with my teens before they go off on their own."

After 14 seasons of Cuban being a shark on "Shark Tank," it may be challenging to replace him. However, this does open the door to bringing some new blood to the show that could add an exciting addition, like perhaps the self-made Hollywood billionaire Tyler Perry. Or, this can give a familiar face a permanent presence on the ABC hit like the Kind executive chairman and "Shark Tank" regular guest Daniel Lubetzky. While fans have begun wondering who will take Cuban's seat after Season 16, they're expressing how they feel about Cuban moving on from the show after all these years.

Fans are reacting strongly to Mark Cuban leaving Shark Tank

For Cuban, the show has a special place in his heart because it made the American dream seem more achievable. But will filling the special spot he leaves behind be a nightmare for the audience? In a Reddit thread, fans shared their reactions to Mark Cuban's looming exit. One Redditor expressed empathy for how Cuban is prioritizing what matters to him by leaving the show. One user commented, "Time is our most valuable asset and you can't get time back. [...] Doing something else that isn't Shark Tank is a lot [of time]."

However, another fan highlighted the unfortunate impact Cuban's departure may have on the viewership of "Shark Tank." They felt that Cuban is much more famous than other Sharks. And at least some viewers may be reluctant to keep watching. One person made it clear how they will proceed without Cuban on "Shark Tank," declaring, "I'm out. ...(after season 16)." Conversely, a "Shark Tank" loyalist expressed optimism about the show's future without Cuban, believing the show had reached a level of popularity that would allow it to prosper with a replacement.