Elevate Your Holiday Dinner Party Tablescape With A Candy Cane Card Holder Hack

The holidays are the time for get-togethers with friends and family. And, while the food on the table often takes center stage, you can really give your party a holiday atmosphere by playing around with table decorations.

One wintery way of decorating your dinner table you can try is making card holders out of a couple of candy canes and using them to denote where people sit or what different dishes in your holiday spread are. The candies are not only synonymous with the holidays, adding a nod to the season to your dinner table, but they also add a pop of color to your decor. Plus, when the night's over, they serve as a sweet treat for your guests to use to finish off their meal and refresh their pallet.

So, how do you put together these cute placeholders? As it happens, they're easy to make, and there are a couple of variations you can use to add your own personal flair to your tablescape.

How to make candy cane card holders and what to consider

To make these cute holiday card holders, you'll typically need three standard-size candy canes for each. Then, adhere them together so that the crooks of each candy face outward. The candy cane at the back will support the two at the front, which will wind up holding your place card.

Now, while that's the gist of making these decorations, there are a couple of things to think about as you go about it. Firstly, when making these, if you plan on having your guests eat the candy canes, make sure to leave the plastic wrapping on them. Otherwise, once you adhere them together, they'll wind up with glue or tape on them. Plus, they can pick up dirt and dust on their sticky exteriors.

Additionally, think about what colors will make sense with your tablescape. Traditional candy canes are red and white, but you can also find them in other fun colors, such as red and green, red and blue, and more. Choose candy canes that will pair well with your other table decor. With these considerations in mind, you're ready to make adorable card holders for your next holiday dinner party!

Other ways to incorporate candy canes into your holiday table decor

Card holders aren't the only way to incorporate this iconic holiday candy into your dinner table decor. Another easy craft to make with candy canes is to slip one of these sweets into the napkin rings at your guests' place settings. Or, you can simply use a piece of ribbon to tie the treat in place to each napkin. Add a sprig of pine for an even more festive look!

Besides using these sweets in individual place settings, you can also decorate your table with them by turning them into a fancy centerpiece. Glue the back of several candy canes to an empty can to make a wintery vase and then fill it with holiday plants such as holly, pine, and poinsettia for a beautiful floral decoration. Then, place it in the middle of the table for a showstopping flower arrangement. So, whether it's placeholders, a fancy centerpiece, or using a candy cane to adorn your guests' napkins, there are plenty of ways to add this treat to your tablescape and give it a holiday feel.