How To Easily Clean Your Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

If you've recently upgraded your kitchen appliances to black stainless steel, you may be wondering how to clean them and keep them smudge-free. Fortunately, the black version already has a huge leg up on regular stainless steel, as it does a decent job of maintaining its clean, elegant appearance even with a few smears and streaks here and there. Even so, you'll still want to give it a regular cleaning to keep it looking top-of-the-line. This can be done rather simply — all you need is a soft towel dipped in warm water. Then just wipe with the grain — it's as easy as that. As long as you perform this maintenance regularly, most appliances won't experience any build-up that might require more extensive cleaning.

Of course, while dust and grime may not be as obvious on black stainless steel, it's still super important to clean up any spills right away — before they get sticky and difficult to remove. The harder you have to work to get the mess off, the more likely you are to compromise the shiny black overlay, and the last thing you want to do is ruin the appliance's finish by rubbing or scratching it off.

What if plain water isn't enough to get black stainless steel clean?

If you've already tried wiping your appliances with warm water and a microfiber towel but they still look less than stellar, try using a little bit of liquid soap. It's important not to scrub or use anything that could cause scratching, so stay away from paper towels, scrub brushes, or similar textures. Since bleach and other chemicals can also harm your appliances' finish, stay away from them, as well — this definitely isn't the time for scouring powder or elbow grease. Fortunately, soap and water should be enough to get spills and grease splatters off, especially if you're cleaning messes right after they happen.

Another option is to use a little bit of baking soda instead of the soap, but make sure the baking soda has fully dissolved in the water before using it. Baking soda acts as a deodorizer in addition to a natural cleaning product, so using a little here and there will keep your appliances smelling fresh and clean without any harsh household chemicals. As with anything electrical, it's also super important to unplug those black stainless steel appliances before cleaning and to use towels that are damp — not dripping wet — near any electrical parts, wires, or lightbulbs.

Black stainless steel is stylish and easy to clean

Regular stainless steel appliances have remained popular for years thanks to their sleek design and modern look. But while they may not technically stain, every single fingerprint and smudge seems to stand out like a sore thumb. This could, perhaps, explain why black stainless steel appliances are becoming more common in kitchens everywhere. The fact that they don't smudge each and every time they're touched makes them popular with families, or really anyone who doesn't have time to be constantly polishing stainless steel. Appliances with this finish are truly an upgrade over the standard steel-colored version.

Now that you know how to clean black stainless steel, you're probably not surprised by its increasing popularity, either. The ease with which it can be cleaned makes maintenance super simple, only adding to the appeal of the stylish appliances that feature it. No wonder so many people are eager to switch over from regular stainless steel.