The Ultimate Menu Hack For Beefy Queso Dip At Taco Bell

Many people have heard of the Starbucks secret menu, a list of customer-created drinks at the chain. However, Starbucks isn't the only place with a secret menu out there. In fact, there are several others, including In N Out, Wendy's, and Taco Bell.

If it's Taco Bell you're craving, one secret menu hack you have to try is the beefy queso dip. The beefy queso dip is a combination of nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, diced tomatoes, refried beans, and, of course, seasoned beef. It's all mixed together in one ooey-gooey sauce that's perfect for dipping tortilla chips into.

Now, if you want to give this Tex-Mex hack a whirl, you've got to know how to order it and how to put it together once you've got it. Plus, there are a few ways that you can enhance it even more if you know what to say to the cashier.

How to order and make the beefy queso dip

Ordering the beefy queso dip is actually pretty easy. While some TikTokers say to order something called the Nachos Grande Supreme, asking for the Nachos BellGrande will do the trick. But, you'll request the tortilla chips on the side. Then, when your meal comes, the nacho toppings will be served in a separate container from your chips. Mix the toppings together to form a smooth, uniform-colored meal. With that, all that's left to do is dip your chips and enjoy!

Now, while that's the basic way to order this dip, you don't have to limit yourself. At Taco Bell, you can order the Nachos BellGrande with add-ons. For instance, you can add jalapeño peppers to give your dip a bit of a kick. Or order shredded cheese or the three-cheese blend if you can't get enough of this dairy topping. Another option would be to add more proteins, such as steak or chicken, or step things up by tossing on some additional veggies, such as lettuce or onions. You can also add guacamole and other sauces to the dip. Some TikTokers also recommend swapping the beans out for rice for a different feel and taste to your dip.

Feel free to get as creative as you want here to craft the perfect beefy queso dip for your nachos. Just don't forget to ask for the chips on the side and mix the toppings together into a gooey sauce before dipping.

Other Taco Bell hacks to try out

If you love the beefy queso dip, you'll be happy to know it's not the only secret menu item to try at Taco Bell. Another nacho hack you can try is the Fiesta Potatoes BellGrande. To get this meal, all you have to do is order the Nachos BellGrande but ask to have the tortilla chips swapped out and replaced with fiesta potatoes. You can even make your meal vegetarian by asking to swap the ground beef for black beans as well.

If it's dips you prefer to make, you can put together a spicy, cheesy sauce known as lava sauce. All you have to do is ask for a couple of packets of fire sauce (depending on how hot you want it) and a side of nacho cheese sauce, then you just stir the two together. Or you can make a queso dip by ordering nacho cheese, your favorite hot sauce, and a side of tomatoes and mixing those together instead. You can also add jalapeños or swap them in for the hot sauce packets. Whichever route you go, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your nachos experience at Taco Bell using a couple of quick ordering hacks.