Add Carrots To Your Gnocchi For An Added Pop Of Fall Color

If you're a pasta lover, then you've probably eaten gnocchi before. This small, tube-shaped pasta with ridges on the back is typically made from flour, eggs, and mashed potatoes. It also sometimes has cheese in the mix to add flavor. Gnocchi is a highly versatile pasta that can be paired with different toppings to achieve the exact taste you desire.

Besides the flavor, you can also play around with the color of your gnocchi. To celebrate autumn, why not add a pop of vibrant orange color? You can do this by adding carrots to your gnocchi dough so that when it cooks, you get a fall-toned dish that looks extra festive.

To implement this trick, you need to know how to add the carrots to your dough. And, of course, it also pays to know what sauces to pair with the dish to bring out their flavor. Here's what we recommend.

How to make the perfect carrot-infused gnocchi

There are two different ways to go about adding carrots to your gnocchi for a dash of autumn color. First, you can make a standard potato dough and stir in cooked carrot purée. Carrots will not only add a tinge of orange to your pasta but can also impart a little bit of extra sweetness.

Another method for making this autumnal dish is to skip the potatoes altogether. In this version, mashed carrots serve as the base for the dough. From there, you'll incorporate the usual eggs, flour, and other ingredients to form your pasta. Because there's no potato, this gnocchi tends to have a brighter orange color.

Whichever method you go with, take some time to think about what to pair with your finished dish. You can be as innovative as you want: Choose a herby brown butter and sage sauce, or opt to toss the gnocchi in a classic tomato topping. Alternatively, you can keep it simple with a splash of olive oil, garlic, and some salt. Feel free to get as creative as you like and create a fall flavor combo you love.

Other autumnal gnocchi flavor combinations to try

If you love the idea of fall-inspired gnocchi, you'll be happy to know that adding carrots to the dough isn't the only way to make some. You can also try cooking some sweet potato gnocchi. Like its carrot counterpart, this dish has a slight orange tinge and also packs in the classic autumn flavors of this veggie.

Another option is to make pumpkin gnocchi inspired by the classic fall squash. Once again, this dough will turn out with an orange hue to it that makes it the perfect bright meal for a truly autumnal plate. If you want to amp up the fall vibes, you can even shape this pasta into miniature pumpkins!

You could also go for a darker, red-colored dish and make beet gnocchi. This pasta has darker fall colors and a slightly earthy taste. Or, cook a combination of these dishes for a multi-colored platter. Whichever route you go, there are plenty of ways to step up your pasta game and celebrate the season.