Completely Transform Your Hot Chocolate, Dalgona Style

During the COVID-19 pandemic, videos by TikTokers making something called Dalgona coffee were particularly popular (although the drink had been around for quite some time before that). This fluffy beverage involves whipping up instant coffee with water and sugar to make an oh-so-soft, cloud-like foam that is then poured on top of milk. The result is a drink that not only tastes great but looks cool, too.

Now, while you can continue enjoying Dalgona coffee, why not try a twist and make Dalgona-style hot chocolate too? This delicious drink, like its coffee counterpart, consists of an airy whipped topping over milk. However, instead of tasting like strong coffee, the whipped foam and the drink in general has a chocolatey flavor to it.

To try Dalgona hot cocoa for yourself, you'll need to know what ingredients go into it. Plus, there are a few slight variations between it and the coffee recipe, which will make all the difference in frothing up the chocolatey treat.

What goes into Dalgona cocoa

When you make Dalgona coffee, one of the key ingredients is instant coffee powder. For Dalgona cocoa, however, you're going to swap it out for powdered hot chocolate mix. This is what's ultimately going to give the warm beverage its signature flavor. 

Another thing to note about this hot chocolate drink that's a little different from the original version is that, unlike Dalgona coffee, you don't need any water. For Dalgona cocoa, you're going to use heavy cream instead.

From there, things start to look pretty similar to the original coffee-based recipe. You'll spoon the whipped topping on the milk base to serve it and can top it with marshmallows, syrup, sprinkles, and other tasty treats. For the hot chocolate version, make sure that the milk you use is already warm. Or, if you'd rather enjoy the drink cold, just use chilled dairy instead — if you want, you can toss in a few ice cubes too. Either way, the result is a chocolatey twist on a popular coffee trend!

Other Dalgona-style drinks and variations to sip on

If all this talk of Dalgona drinks has you inspired, you'll be happy to know that there are plenty of other twists on classic Dalgona coffee as well as other whipped beverages to try. For starters, you can mix things up by adding different toppings, syrups, and add-ins. An example could be making an adults-only treat and adding a dash of Baileys Irish cream or another alcohol to your Dalgona hot cocoa or coffee.

Alternatively, you can try making other whipped drinks altogether. For instance, rather than making it with hot chocolate mix, you can use Nestlé's milo Dalgona powder instead. Or, moving away from chocolate flavors altogether, use matcha powder for a Japanese-inspired treat. For those who prefer fruity flavors, swap in Nesquik strawberry milk powder. Alternatively, you can get really creative and use dragon fruit powder to make a bright and tropical-style Dalgona.

There are tons of different ways to enjoy whipped drinks, whether you like them hot or cold. Next time you're craving a coffee shop beverage, try making one of these at home instead. The result is ultra-decadent and rich, and there are plenty of ways to play around with the flavors.