Channel Taco Tuesday With Next-Level Nacho Burgers

For some, Taco Tuesday is a weekly holiday that means heading down to a local Mexican restaurant and ordering a ton of cheap eats. Not to mention, it's also a great excuse to drink some classic margaritas. However, while tacos and margs are the usual menu items for this unofficial weekly celebration, that's not to say that you can't mix up the menu and try something different.

Instead of sticking with the traditional tacos, or even branching out into enchilada and burrito territory, why not get really creative and make nacho burgers? These are essentially just hamburgers with tortilla chips tossed in, although you can get extra creative and add other delicious sauces, veggies, and spices inside to make for a meal that's truly influenced by the regional tastes of Mexico. Thinking about your favorite nacho toppings and how to incorporate them can be the first step to coming up with a unique nacho burger that will have you rethinking your typical Taco Tuesday menu.

How to give your burgers big nacho flavors

A standard hamburger normally includes toppings like ketchup, tomatoes, and lettuce. And, while you can still add these to your nacho burger, the key here is to add some other ingredients that really pick up on those Mexican-inspired flavors. Firstly, of course, you'll want to add some tortilla chips for a bit of crunch and to bring the nacho theme home.

From there, you can play around with sauces. For instance, instead of sticking to classic mustard and mayo, try adding in a bit of guacamole. You can even bring in jalapeños if you want to spice up your guac and add a new dimension. Or, chuck in some pico de gallo, which is a salsa you'll often find used in Mexican cuisine. Another trick is to use nacho cheese sauce instead of standard cheddar on top of your burger. The ooey-gooey addition will really give your burger flavors that are reminiscent of a bowl of nachos.

Other toppings you can pile onto your nacho burger include refried beans, sour cream, or corn. The sky's the limit when it comes to crafting a delicious and decadent burger with Mexican flair.

Other Taco Tuesday-approved burgers to try

Nacho burgers aren't the only Mexican-inspired burgers to break out instead of the standard tacos next Tuesday. Another great option is to try making tortilla-wrapped Mexican chile burgers. This mouthwatering meal has the usual bun, but also comes wrapped in a fried tortilla for an ingenious twist.

If this option sounds overly hearty, you can always try mini Mexican sliders. They also include chiles in the recipe for a bit of kick, along with other key ingredients such as ancho powder and chipotle aioli that play up the theme.

Still another delicious dinner to try is chorizo cheddar burgers. They are truly unique in that they don't just feature ground beef but also include the addition of Mexican chorizo for a spicy kick. Regardless of which of these tasty burgers you pick, if you're not a big fan of tacos or you just want to mix things up, you've now got plenty of options to pick from for your next Tuesday night get-together!