What Is Chocolate Tahini And What Does It Taste Like?

Traditionally found in Asian, Middle Eastern, and African cuisine, tahini is an excellent paste made from ground sesame seeds. Its taste is somewhat reminiscent of nut butter; however, it tends to have a slightly bitter aftertaste, shifting it over the line into savory. While there are various types of tahini available, there is a new kid on the block that demands recognition: chocolate tahini.

As the flavors of chocolate and tahini wonderfully fold into one another, it was only time until jars of this iconic duo were gracing our store shelves. The spread involves a small list of ingredients, such as powdered cane sugar, cocoa powder, and tahini. The sugar and chocolate sweetly adjust the bitter aftertaste of the tahini to push this spread into the threshold of desserts. It's creamy from the sesame, blissfully rich from the cocoa, and slightly sweetened by the sugar. Some chocolate tahini brands are even tree nut and peanut-free, so they work as excellent alternatives for anyone with an intolerance or allergy to these specific nuts. No longer shall you miss out on the childish glee this spread guarantees.

Move aside nutella

There's more to chocolate tahini than just its taste. Firstly, it's how nutritious it is. Like other nut butter, tahini is packed with healthy fats. However, it's also a great source of vitamins essential for energy production and minerals vital for bone health. When regarded in its chocolate form and compared to Nutella, this spread is dairy-free and contains less sugar and carbs. Chocolate tahini is also an excellent alternative if you're searching for a chocolate nutty-esque spread that's not heavy on the nuts.

Chocolate tahini is as versatile as other chocolate nut butter. This tahini will gloriously shine when used as a spread or bring moisture and richness when folded into brownies. You could even blend it into smoothies with bananas and plant-based milk for a take on a vegan chocolate shake. Whether you place it on waffles, ice cream, or strawberries (or maybe even all three), it'll continue to dazzle. The uses of chocolate tahini are really only limited by your imagination. Just one piece of advice: if you plan to substitute tahini with chocolate tahini, remember the added sweetness this spread will bring, and adjust other measurements in the recipe.

Where to find it

Chocolate tahini can be made at home with tahini, cocoa powder, maple syrup (sugar or honey), and water. Yet, the nostalgic act of dipping into a storebought jar of that rich, dark spread is truly unmatched. If you're looking for tahini at the grocery store, it's likely you'll find this chocolate version somewhere nearby.

So far, it seems two big chocolate tahini contenders are taking the jarring lead: Soom's and Sesame King. Sesame King's brand is described as tasting like chocolate frosting, which is great if you like frosting. However, as noted by one user on Amazon, the flavor can seem "less chocolatey" compared to other chocolate tahinis that really capture that deep richness. On the other hand, Soom's tahini is characterized as profoundly chocolatey and rich, with a slightly thicker consistency than the usual tahini. Soom's also offers a dark chocolate tahini with sea salt, excellent for those who aren't a fan of the super sweet (or frosting). Both of these varieties of chocolate tahini can be purchased through Amazon.

The time for Nutella has passed, and the era of chocolate tahini is only just beginning. Pick up a jar and discover just how irresistible this spread truly is.