14 Food Reasons Why Students Enjoy Being Home For The Summer

Being at home for the summer certainly has it's benefits beyond taking a break from classes. Check out these food related reasons why being home for the summer is actually the best.

1. When you first get home and see a stocked refrigerator and pantry.

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2. Not having to plan how your groceries will last you for the rest of the week.


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3. Not worrying about your roommates eating the food in your pantry.

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4. Waking up to your favorite breakfast courtesy of Mom or Dad.

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5. Going to the grocery store and picking out the slightly more expensive versions of your favorite foods because your parents are picking up the bill.


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6. Not having to count your quarters for the bill when you are at a restaurant with your parents.


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7. Saying goodbye to that annoying, yet cheap fallback meal you eat every week during the school year.


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8. Not having to salt and pepper everything, if you lived in the dining hall.

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9. And if you did live on campus, just not having to eat at the dining hall in general.

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10. Having more variety of snacks for your late-night, at-home Netflix binges.

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11. Being able to make all the yummy Pinterest food-finds you've collected throughout the school year and could not make before.

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12. Having a normal sized kitchen to do normal, adult cooking in.


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13. Visiting all your favorite local restaurants regularly.

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14. And if you live in Texas, eating all the Blue Bell Ice Cream you can get.


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