Hawaiian Sliders Are The Miniature Burgers Bursting With Tropical Taste

There are tons of great party foods out there to serve up at your next get-together, and one classic little dish to cook up is sliders. Mini hamburgers that you can eat in just a couple of bites? The perfect finger food. 

Since sliders are essentially bite-sized burgers, they often can contain many of the same ingredients and condiments as your standard burger. Or, you can get creative with them and go for things like RedHot Buffalo sliders, pulled pork sliders, or a tasty tropical Hawaiian burger slider.

If it's the Hawaiian burger slider you go for, things are going to look a little different than your classic beef burger snack. Rather than just containing your standard patty, lettuce, and tomato, these snacks feature a slice of pineapple to add a burst of sweetness to them. Here's what else to know about these Hawaiian burger sliders as well as a few other types of Hawaiian sliders you can make.

What goes into Hawaiian sliders?

Hawaiian burger sliders are made up of a few key ingredients that give them their unique taste. To start with, instead of using a classic hamburger bun, these sliders use Hawaiian sweet rolls as the bread. Hawaiian sweet rolls have a unique, dulcet flavor that perfectly complements the other ingredients in the snack.

The sweet Hawaiian rolls are then topped with mini burger patties. The burger patties are exactly the size of each square Hawaiian roll and, right alongside several pineapple rings, are grilled. Once the patties and pineapple are cooked, top them with some teriyaki sauce. You'll also want to throw a slice of Swiss cheese on the burger and let it melt to perfection.

To finish up these Hawaiian burger sliders, all the ingredients are assembled into the Hawaiian sweet rolls. To really bring out the teriyaki flavor, the tops of the rolls are brushed with a bit more teriyaki sauce before being served. The result is a tropical-flavored mini beef burger.

Other types of Hawaiian sliders

If you're not into hamburger meat, there's another type of slider you can go for — Hawaiian ham sliders. Hawaiian ham sliders don't contain any beef at all. Instead, they contain a layer of deli ham and Swiss cheese. Some recipes include pineapple, like the Hawaiian burger sliders, but others don't. Then, they're doused in a tasty sauce made of Dijon mustard, poppy seeds, Worcestershire sauce, melted butter, and pieces of chopped onion.

Another type of Hawaiian slider you can make is a Kalua pork slider. Kalua pork is a type of Hawaiian pulled pork that you'll often find cooked up at local luaus on the Hawaiian islands. Hawaiian Kalua pork sliders feature Kalua pulled pork, teriyaki sauce, slices of fresh pineapple, and cabbage (although some recipes use coleslaw instead). The result is a Hawaiian twist on a classic pulled pork sandwich. Whether you go for a Kalua pork slider, a Hawaiian ham slider, or a tasty Hawaiian burger slider, get ready to enjoy tropical flavors next time you bust out this tasty finger food.