Korea's Sweet Corn Ice Cream Looks And Tastes Like The Real Thing

The ancient history of corn is a fascinating tale, from the beginning of its domestication to the title of the most produced crop in the world. Versatile and reliable, corn is a quick meal addition that's steadily feeding and supporting our world's growing population. If you thought corn couldn't do anything else to surprise you, prepare to be amazed; Korean sweetcorn ice cream proves it still has some tricks up its sleeve. 

The Korean sweetcorn ice cream produced by Lotte looks and tastes like corn. Perhaps this repulses you, or maybe you're intrigued to go on. On unwrapping that vivid green packaging, one is met with a pale yellow corn-on-the-cob-shaped ice cream sandwich. Wrapped in a wafer, it resembles a plastic toy in a kid's play kitchen. Biting through the wafer reveals a chocolate shell encompassing vanilla ice cream and whole pieces of corn.

The taste is sweet, corny, and perhaps utterly bizarre. If you're new to corn ice cream, this may be a surprising revelation, but those who are already fans may adore the delicious buttery-sweet combination. It's a wonderfully eccentric version of corn ice cream that might pique your curiosity.

A corny reception

The Korean corn ice cream has been met with mixed reactions, but if you're into sweet corn and ice cream, maybe it's right up your alley. Amongst its uneven reception were many reviewers whose first impressions slowly turned from uncertainty to approval. A reviewer on YouTube stated, "My mind saying no; my taste is saying yes."

The buttery richness of the corn and the sweetness of the vanilla might appear like a shock to the tastebuds at first, but after the initial surprise comes the "give me more." This impression resonated with That's Rank, who said, "My brain is telling me, dude, this sucks, but my tongue is like butter, yo."

If you're apprehensive about sweet overload, the vanilla and chocolate balance the slightly savory notes of the corn to create an ice cream sandwich that is not too on the sweet side. If you need more convincing to try this, Jung Kook from BTS has revealed it's one of his favorite ice creams.

It's not for everyone

Not everyone has been convinced by the Lotte corn ice cream. One reviewer on SeoulEats stated the ice-cream sandwich wafer was reminiscent of a "cheap ice cream cone," and the overall taste was like "soggy popcorn." Luckily, with the pieces of whole sweet corn throughout the vanilla ice cream, you can be reassured there is some texture contrast. It's not a completely soft affair.

Others were slightly more constructive and expressed how the corn taste dominated the ice cream. This is a fair point, but seeing as the ice cream is sweet corn flavor, you would hope it would burst with this.

If you've considered both sides and feel adventurous, head down to your closest Asian supermarket and check if these are in the freezer section. H Mart may have a supply in-store or for delivery. With Korean dishes like Tteokbokki storming the food scene, it's time to consider whether this corny snack might just be what you've been missing. Don't knock it till you've tried it.