The Fried Egg Addition You Need For A Burst Of Aromatic Perfection

When you crave eggs with extra va-va voom, look no further than a scoop of harissa paste and a drizzle of olive oil. With this simple ingredient, your fried eggs will burst from the plate visually and flavorfully. Originating from Tunisia in North Africa, harissa perfectly captures naturally sweet and smoky flavors found in chilies and peppers. With the addition of spices, citrus, and garlic, this paste is a symphony of fragrances, but don't let its bright red appearance put you off. Harissa tends to be less spicy than you may first imagine. 

Once combined with a fried egg, all the juicy flavors meld to create a truly unforgettable breakfast or brunch. To make harissa fried eggs, add 1 tablespoon of harissa paste or sauce to a skillet of heated olive oil and ensure the sauce is spread evenly across the pan before cracking two eggs in and seasoning to taste. Cook undisturbed until crispy around the edges, with the occasional need to baste over the whites. You can serve it after the egg whites are set and the yolks are runny. Finally, garnish with fresh herbs and a pita or slice of toast. 

What to serve with harissa fried eggs

For the perfect harissa and fried egg combination, carefully consider what you serve alongside your finished dish. For example, garnishing the eggs with mint leaves or pickled onion will give the dish freshness and extra color contrast. However, laying the red eggs onto a bed of herb-infused yogurt adds a cooling and creamy edge that tastes too good to deny. Mix the yogurt with lemon zest, grated garlic, and chopped mint for a gorgeous blend of contrasting temperatures and flavors. For the best visual appearance, try to crack eggs without breaking the yolks; this will give your yolks a sun through red clouds artistry.

It's also wise to consider what type of harissa you want to use in this recipe. Some will be extremely spicy, while others will be much milder. Other varieties of harissa may be tangy, acidic, or smokier. Most brands will have hot or mild versions available; each is made from different chilies or peppers, so you can select a harissa that is perfect for you and your desired spice level.

If you love harissa fried eggs, try shakshuka

Beyond the different brands and flavors to explore, harissa is also available as a sauce, paste, and dry spice blend. It's best to use a paste or sauce for harissa fried eggs. The dried spice lacks the glorious colors and moisture that harissa paste brings. However, to turn the powdered version into a paste, mix 2 teaspoons of harissa powder with equal parts of water and olive oil until you've reached a paste consistency.

If you're feeling adventurous (or really hungry), you can level up your harissa fried eggs into a shakshuka. Shakshuka is a harissa-infused tomato sauce with poached eggs. It's a comforting, filling, and mouthwatering brunch — or anytime — meal idea. Served with crunchy bread or pita, it celebrates the beautiful taste of tomatoes with a spicy twist. It's tough to go wrong with harissa and perfectly cooked eggs, as this winning combination is visually appealing and utterly delicious.